Heading into the start of 2024, G League Ignite forward Ron Holland is a potential No. 1 overall pick with teammate Matas Buzelis, Perth Wildcats big man Alex Sarr, and USC’s Isaiah Collier.

At the G League Showcase, Holland spoke with HoopsHype about why he chose to play for the Ignite instead of going to Texas University, how he can impact the NBA as a rookie next season, player comparisons, a scouting report of his strengths and weaknesses, why he’s the top prospect in the draft, his career goals at the NBA level, and more in an extensive interview.

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Ron Holland: Once I took a step from basketball after high school and tried to figure out where my next chapter was going to be, I had to do some real sit-down thinking with myself and what I’m looking for and trying to get out of this game. I knew for a fact that I was looking for a program that could help me develop my game on and off the court while helping me become a professional basketball player. I saw that with Ignite, and I trust them with that.

RH: Matas was committed for a very long time. He knew what he wanted to do by the time it was his junior year, I think. He was always in my ear about it. Knowing that I was going to come here to play with him was really a good decision I wanted to make because I knew for a fact playing against him that our games complimented each other and we were going to be able to play very well together. I wanted to come here and play with him.

RH: I think I can impact the game in all types of ways. Anything the coach needs me to do, I’m able to do. That’s what’s most versatile about me. I can defend, make plays, and guard. I can play point guard and one through five. I can guard one through four. I’m here to do whatever the coach needs me to do and make myself that much more available.

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RH: I feel like I’m a really good finisher. I can make spot-up shots. I can shoot a little bit off the dribble, but I feel like I need to get consistent with everything, including ball handling and tightening up when it comes to ball pressure. Guys are starting to press up on me a lot and see that I’m a little weak there, but that’s what I’ve been working on, and that’s why I’m at Ignite. They are helping me to expand my whole game. There’s nothing bad or anything I can’t do, but there are things I can definitely grow and get stronger at.

RH: Not wanting to lose. I feel like I’ve had that chip on my shoulder and that mindset since I was a kid. It came from me being competitive coming from a competitive family. I want to do whatever it takes. I know for a fact this game is very hard, and I know what it takes to win. I feel like I’m able to do it every single night.

RH: I’d say Mikal Bridges and Jaylen Brown. Guys who can guard the ball and make shots when they need to. They can get whatever they want and be able to guard anybody when the coach needs them to.

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RH: I’d say I’m a huge leader. I get things done on and off the court. I know how to cooperate with a team. Even if the team is a little shaken up, I’m that leader who can get things going and moving. I’ve got that chip on my shoulder of not wanting to lose. What franchise doesn’t want that? I’m a versatile guy, so whatever the coach needs me to do, I’m able to do.

RH: I’d like to accomplish any type of award that the NBA can hand out, including All-Defensive Team, MVP, anything like that. I want to be Rookie of the Year. I feel like there’s no award I can’t accomplish.

RH: The right fit for sure. In this career I’m looking to have, I always want it to be the right fit because I want to be able to dominate as soon as I step on the floor. I’m trying to go and do whatever the coach needs me to do. I feel like I need to be somewhere where it’s a fast-paced offense and energy with a whole lot of veterans around and young guys.

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RH: I feel like there are a lot of good players in the draft, but I feel like I’m the one that stands out because of my motor. I don’t get tired. There are a lot of things I can do at a very high level.

RH: We talk about it all the time because it’s right around the corner. Me and him know what we’ve been doing and all the hard work we’re putting in to get there. We don’t really talk about who’s going at what number, but of course it would be a good look for the program and us if we go No. 1 and 2, but I think he’s looking for the best fit as well.

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RH: Matas is a scoring wing. He plays hard. I feel like he’s very communicative and gets things done on the court. He’s a leader. He knows how to talk to his guys. He’s a great teammate. That’s the best thing about him. He always wants to see someone win. What program doesn’t want that?

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RH: Izan is a great teammate off the court. When he first came here, he was a little shaken up because he didn’t know anybody coming from Spain, but we got him comfortable really quickly, and he communicates with everybody. He plays hard who makes the right passes and the right play every time.

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RH: Tyler’s a scoring big and can get things done on the court. He can communicate, hit shots, and guard. He’s a big body that covers up space. There are things about him that are underrated. He can do things at a very high level.

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